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Winnaars lotto extra

Once you fill in the playslip, you should hand it over to the clerk who will process it and issue you with a ticket.
This is also a historic moment because previously, Loterie Nationale offered Lotto December, but this year the menu has changed slightly and the traditional Lotto December has a new face in Lotto Extra Christmas and Lotto Extra New Year.The, loterie Nationale decided to add something on top of the ordinary Belgium Lotto just for the love of the participants on the platform.It should be noted that there are only two draws for the Belgium Lotto Extra and you cannot enter for more because the following year the dates will be set then communicated.Belgium Lotto Extra gives you more reason to celebrate by offering you this unique chance that no other lotto in the world has conceptualized before.Because this years Lotto Extra is on December 24 and 31, the interface on the Lotto Extra platform will show you the time remaining before the next draw.In order to make it easy for the authorities to identify your ticket at the time of claiming your prize, songtekst het spel kaarten you need to keep your ticket neat.Based on your account details, you will be able to access your ticket online.
Imagine getting into the New Year with a bundle of cash courtesy of Belgium Lotto Extra!

Once again, the dates are December 24 and 31, 2016.You cannot afford to be left out of this one time opportunity!By.00pm BST on Thursday 15th April 2004.Ticket sales (SW).6 fall 1,328,021, the next table displays the draw order, revised frequencies and the last prior appearance of each of the 6 balls.Despite it being a game of chance, lotto is so rewarding that everybody walks with a prize at one point or the other.Lotto 6/49 Extra Winning Numbers Bonus comme sur des roulettes expression 29 Lotto 6/49 Prize Breakdown Match Prize Winners 6/6 Carried Over 0 5/6 288,218.90 0 5/6 2,183.50 110 4/6.70 5,951 3/6.00 107,895 2/6.00 72,597 2/6 3 Free Play 729,479 gratis fruitmachines video Guaranteed.What is even more exciting with this new version of Belgium Lotto is that it is coming at the end of the year when everyone is in a celebratory mood.This is much safer because all payments are handled online and you have no reason to worry about lost tickets.Percentages, ticket sales (Sat).2 rise 753,252.7 of SatWed sales, ticket sales (Wed).3 fall 574,769.3 of SatWed sales.Lloyd Connect Internet Solutions Limited 2003 Part of MerseyWorld - promoting Liverpool and its surrounding regions Auto-generated.03pm BST on Wednesday 22nd October 2003.
Prizes won in this draw must be claimed within 180 days.e.