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Lotto boyz done

Hook: Ash, you ain't making money like.
Hes created a mad storm in the UK keno belgie scene, and its mad for everyone from here because it gives you hope.
Often all you hear about is the mad things that happen with young people, like gangs and crime.
It felt like an escape, in a sense, he says.We was in JD Sports in the Bull Ring at the weekend and we got mobbed, Ash laughs.Weve moved out to Dudley now though.Its not a simple way of writing.Lucas: Bob Marley cos of the connection that he had with his audience, how he motivated people, how he put his music together, it was crazy.Its a whole different world.Ash: My definition of success is achieving your goals in your own way no matter how big or small.Six figure nigga Im casino kit gmod exploit balling I call it dribbling.People didnt think I had what it took; I was kind of an outcast.

Whats the worst job youve ever had?Make-up assistance Grace Ellington).If youre getting money let me hear you shout pace!Bling bling, diamonds on my Rolly got me squinting.Lucas: My mum works at a special needs school.Verse bingo nombres de 1 à 20 1: Lucas, ring ring, since Im getting money Im the in thing.Where are you from?Ash: Nah, Im not looking at that, its more learning.When youve got people that care and access to a studio, it does really help.