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Etherdelta deposit from ledger

If you already have a pending transaction (enter your address on Etherscan to roulette pour sac de sport find out please wait for it to confirm, or increase your "gas price" (in the upper right dropdown) and try again.
Make sure you have enough ETH in your "Wallet" column to pay for the gas fee.Am I missing something?You tried to send an Ethereum transaction but there was an error.If you unplug the device while you are connected to EtherDelta you will be able to see your balance but you will not be able to make transactions.71 out of 87 found this helpful.
Your Ledger private keys allow you to sign transactions.
No matter what I set gas price to on m when I try to make a deposit I get this error.

Hey, i have a ledger, and i want to deposit some Eth, i have this message (i already upped gas to 30 000.I have.519 ETH available in my balance and I've tried to deposit as little as 1ETH (0.519 available for fee).This site says recommended gas price is 47 fo i don't see how a gas price of 150 and.519 ETH aren't enough. Follow the instructions on your computer screen.anyone have an idea?On the left side of your computer screen you will see your Ethereum and token balances.Choose Ledger Nano.Ledger does not do customer support for EtherDelta, if you have issues with your transactions from or to EtherDelta you need to contact them Close all programs on your computer, go to m and follow this procedure: - On the top right corner of the.
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Once plugged in you will see your Ethereum public address, with your ETH balance, and the name "Ledger" on the top right corner of your computer screen.
In your Ledger Nano S you need to go to the settings of the Ethereum application on your Ledger device and set "Contract Data" to "Yes".