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I made this bingo continental hotel & casino panama city 4**** game by glueing these flash cards to 3 poster boards for each member of our family.
Scarlett loves it mostly because it has to do with water probably Shes still struggling using the scoop from Learning Resources Tool Set, she uses 2 hands to handle it, but its definitely getting better.Whoever fills their board first, wins.Whack a mushroom Montessori activity We made mushrooms by placing pouch food lids on craft sticks inserted into a box.I taped 3 pieces of different color construction paper to the top of the box, and made slits in the box to fit the craft sticks.First 100 Animals book is great for this activity.A free digital version of the cards from the pictures above is available here.

We have been online gokkasten gratis universe doing a few matching card activities for a while, so I also added velcro squares to get each card attached to its spot for more interactivity.Animal action cards These animal action cards are hit with Scarlett.Scarlett wasnt interested in taking the eyes off, so I kept them.For now we are playing match-a-card game, but later on it can be played as a bingo game when all cards are assembled in a deck, and players take turn picking a card.Another version to play this game is to match cards from a deck to cards on the board ( for this, you will need 2 identical packs of flash cards).Sponge water play Scarlett has been going through a sink water play recently.While you look for those 3 cards in a deck, you come across other cards that you need to do actions for kiss the tummy, kiss the forehead, tickle or sing a song we play this part of the game.She poured water on them from a teapot and watched them melt.We also did this quick sorting activity I placed 4 sheets of construction paper of different colors and selected frogs of those colors to be sorted to the sheet of the appropriate color.Sweep pompoms into the square This is a great Montessori activity to get kids involved into household chores and to make it fun.It includes 12 cards with actions that we mostly use.Make a tree by flattening playdough balls.Hide a feather underneath one of the wipes pack flip lids attached to a board and encourage your toddler to look for.She asks me to play with these cards over and over again.