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Deposit hitbtc

deposit hitbtc

Please proceed to the.
It is not possible to speed up deposits processing.
For example, its not possible to send BTC to usdt address.
Please generate a new address on your Account page.Thats why your deposit could take a bit longer to proceed, but it wont be lost.During the update process theres a notification in the Deposits section.If it was not confirmed by miners yet, allow more time for confirmation or contact sending party support team for assistance.All transactions on any cryptocurrency network are designed to be irreversible and we have no control over them.If none of the above is your case In case you pocket poker game for sale have not find the reason why your deposit is being delayed, please fill out the form below.I don't know why my deposit is missing.In case "Deposits" field of the currency is green, check the current time of processing in the next column.Make sure you sent a coin which is integrated into HitBTC In case you deposited to your HitBTC address a coin which is not integrated into HitBTC it is not possible to credit it to your account or send back to your external wallet.Please look up for the currency's ticker on System Health page.In case youve encountered this kind of issue, please refer to our policy on recovery of mistakenly sent deposits.
Red field means that deposits are temporarily switched off for the currency.

Check currency performance on HitBTC System Health We are updating our wallets software on a regular basis.Here's a list of currencies that require Payment ID to be specified in a deposit to your HitBTC account: Ticker, project Name, payment ID Name, aCT.Once the transaction has been sent, its not possible to speed.Message, dCT, decent, memo, dIM, dimcoin, payment.In case your deposit is not reflected on your account, please check out below all possible reasons for that.In case you forgot to specify it - please contact our support team, they will be glad to handle.Update: from, Ethereum and ETH tokens have one address on HitBTC.You may also check the status for each coin on System Health page.Please see article on this topic.
Chain, memo, bTS, bitshares, memo, cVN, cVCoin.