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Declaration deposit of title deeds

declaration deposit of title deeds

Curtesy Right of a husband to a life estate in all real property owned by his wife during their marriage provided they had children.
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Escrow Process whereby details of property transfer, payments, and deed conveyance are handled by a third party.
Form of doing business that provides limited liability to the owners, continuity of operation and centralized management.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Governmental agency responsible for the enforcement of environmental laws.Tenancy in common Simplest form of co-ownership.Tax sale Foreclosure sale on property for nonpayment of taxes.Regulation Z Truth in Lending The Federal hotel proche casino enghien les bains Reserve Boards regulations on disclosures in all types of credit transactions.Escheat Process whereby property of a decedent is given to the state because of no available heirs.Female party responsible for the probate of an intestate estate.Quiet title action Court action brought to determine the true owner of a piece of land.Tax lien Lien placed on property for amount of unpaid taxes.An estate of homestead is a type of protection for a persons principal residence.Open listing Listing that pays commission to whichever broker or salesperson sells the property; permits the owner to list with more that one broker and be liable for only one commission.Foreclosure Process of selling mortgaged property to satisfy the debt owed by the defaulting mortgagor.Servient estate or tenement Land through which an easement runs or which is subject to the easement.
Broker, party who what is a deposit bank is licensed to handle property listings.
Attachment, process of creating a lien, security interest, or other creditors interest in property; results when the creditor has complied with all requirements.

Recession Right to treat a contract as if it never existed; rescind contract rights; generally appropriate in cases of fraud and misrepresentation.Counterclaim Claim made by the Defendant against the Plaintiff in a lawsuit.Involuntary lien Lien that does not result from a contractual arrangement;.g., a tax lien or a judicial lien.Printing is available only by having a subscription(Titleview).Mutual will Wills of parties that are reciprocal in their distribution; usually based on a contract to make a will; generally enforceable.Consideration, the detriment given by each party to a contract;.g.Fee simple Highest land interest; full title; right to convey or transfer by will or mortgage without restriction.