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Casino heroes idle heroes

casino heroes idle heroes

After 7 months, the rotation starts again with the first hero that is part of the cycle (Lutz).
Since you need a ton of heroes casino europeen 777 for every fusion, you most likely won't be able to complete the different stages of the event during the first 1 - 2 times, depending on your hero luck.
Fusion Event Description You can repeatedly gain rewards for 5- or 6-Star fusion in the Creation circle.If you can do 10 spins at once for only 8 Chips, you will receive 100x Luck Coin.VIP 2 or level 80 you definitely should spin 10 times for 8 coins because you'll get 10 event points anyway.Daily gift None Packs 500 Gems 5x, 5000x 2000 Gems 5x, 1x, 1x 3000 Gems 8x, 1x, 1x 6000 Gems 1x, 20K 8000 Gems 1x (Sigmund Skin 1x, 25K Mirage's Gift Event 28th September 2018 (last 2 weeks and 3 days) Description During these.Daily gift None Temporarily Available Heroes 5500 Soul Stone Shards x Skerei 5500 Soul Stone Shards x Kroos Clover Garden 29th March 2019 Description During the event players can obtain Lucky Clover while hanging out in the Battle loot and using Lucky Clover to exchange.2x 500x Event daily rewards.Collect everything possible, complete your daily quests to receive level 3 and 4 hero shards; spend your spare Gold at the marketplace to buy 4 star heroes; upgrade your bag space; add 30 friends to get hearts which can unlock unique heroes; watch in-game ads.Daily gift None Rewards 5 Light (2x) 1x, 1x, 5x 5 Dark (2x) 1x, 1x, 5x 5 Forest (3x) 1x, 1x, 6x 5 Abyss (3x) 1x, 1x, 6x 5 Fortress (3x) 1x, 1x, 6x 5 Shadow (3x) 1x, 1x, 6x Shelter Mission Event 13th July.Daily gift None Rewards 4 Quests (20x) 5x, 1x 5 Quests (12x) 2x, 2x 6 Quests (4x) 4x, 3x mini gokkast spaarpot 7 Quests (2x) 8x, 50x Prophet Summon Event 27th July 2018 Description Earn points to win prizes.
Daily gift 3x Chip, 1x Super Chip Rewards 20 Points 2x 50 Points 1x, 1x 100 Points 2x, 4x 200 Points 1x, 1x 300 Points 4x, 6x 400 Points 1x, 1x 500 Points 10x 600 Points 1x, 1x Militants Event 13th October 2017 Description Earn.

If your level is high enough, you can also get 4 Dark/Light Hero shards from the Casino Wheel as well, which are also valuable rewards you should pay attention.Daily gift 2x Arena Ticket RewardsCrystal Crown League 50 Points 200x, 2x 100 Points 300x, 3x 150 Points 500x, 50x RewardsTrial Of The Champion 50 Points 300x, 2x 100 Points 500x, 3x 1x, 1x Shelter Mission Event 6th April 2018 Description You can consume appointed.Hero Exchange Event 21st September 2018 Description Use Soul Stone Shards to exchange temporarily available heroes from the Altar.Daily gift 1x Super Wishing Coin Rewards 50 Points 2x, 2x 100 Points 2x, 2x 200 Points 2x, 4x 300 Points 2x, 1x Starlight, 5x Gray Dwarves' Blessing 5th April 2019 UTC (2 week Event) In-Game Description During the event you can upgrade to the.Watch Skylands come to life: - Experience the fantasy world of Skylanders.Gem Usage Infographic, creation Circle Infographic, holy Damage - How It Works.You get 1 point for every Casino spin.Faceless, a 5 star hero that you can also obtain from the altar.
Daily gift None Temporarily available heroes 4000 Shards 1x Sleepless 5000 Shards 1x Michelle Casino Event 10th November 2017 Description Earn points to win prizes.

Rewards K, 1200x, 600x K, 5000x, 300x, 1x Broken Spaces Event 11th May 2018 Description Earn different rewards from challenging different Broken Spaces.
Additionally, you will receive 1x Das Moge when you complete all the tasks.
Daily gift None RewardsCrystal Crown League 50 Points 200x, 2x 100 Points 300x, 3x 150 Points 500x, 50x RewardsTrial Of The Champion 50 Points 300x, 2x 100 Points 500x, 3x 1x, 1x, 1x (Eddgas Skin ) Heroic Summon Event 17th August 2018 Description Earn points.