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Browning's patent depose 22 long rifle smokeless

( Full Answer it all depends on le kenogami the rifles condition.
I estimate your sn was made in the 1930-33 time frame.
New ones go for 350ish and you can figure backwards from there.These "Lightweights" in good condition seem to bring from 300 to 500 depending on the color variation.Remington 22 rifle - serial # 2230199.However, some adults may not care for the sizzling hot empty case to eject down one's forward-arm shirt sleeve.(90) 500-600 Below it's a shooter from 100-500 depending on overall condition of blue, wood, and rifling.Pedersen ) may be viewed online with original drawing as per below.
Initial production models had a small loading port located on the top of the stock in contrast to later models which had the loading port located on the right side of the buttstock.
Is it a semi-auto 6 shot?

Best Guess based on firearms history search on Remington website is model.I think I got it for the repair bill.( Full Answer ) he value of a model 12 is greatly determined by condition and variation, for a general 12A (standard grade).Fabrique Nationale De Guerre Herstal Belgique Browning's Patent Depose (sn) 3625c read more.The value is greatly dependent on the condition and which model, if it's a round barrel it's probably and A, if it's hexagon it's a 12-C, but a beater is 100 bucks a new in the box can be 12-1,500 in a standard grade.That serial no is NOT from a model 12, someone need to repost with a model.NHere's a place where you can get the answer to your question.Wayback Machine, house, James.I would need a more detailed description of your Browning shotgun including the model name or number, the overall condition of your shotgun, and the bore condition, along with the serial number(to date the manufacturing date) to give you the answer that you seek.4, the Semi-auto.22 is a made from blued steel and walnut, and ejects spent cases downward.Jon, consultant 1,879 satisfied customers, i have a 32cal.22 Short, 22 Long, 22 LongRifle, if it's 510SB (smooth bore) 22 Long Rifle Shot Being a bold ANY 22, CB caps, you name.( Full Answer ) The Targetmaster is the Model 510, it may have 1922 patent dates on it but it was made from and they made over a 1/2 million of them in five variations.It was also made pretty late in 1914, probably a December gun.
Two or three letters stamped on the left side of the barrel immediately in front of the receiver (frame) you may need a magnifier and a strong light to read them.