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Borderlands 2 bonus stats

You can spam revives to farm Badass Tokens in Borderlands.
Farming Badass Tokens By Completing Duel Challenges.
When you have plenty or grenades or Tediore weapon, remove your shield and blow yourself in the corner with your friend beside you.
You can trade with your friend by holding B while near him.Hi, today i'm going to show you how to GPD mod your badass rank in Borderlands 2: 1- Your going to need to put your Profile onto your USB(Flash Drive).2- Put your USB into your laptop and load up Horizon 3- Click on Device explorer then Gamer Profiles, then your profile and click the little settings icon, like.Although the tokens and stat increases apply across characters, challenges do not.How To Farm Badass Tokens By Completing Revive Challenges.Its a bit tricky exploit and require the use of Tediore weapons or grenades.To complete the process, both players select Trade.Completing this challenge will reward you with 15 Badass Tokens that you can spend to boost your characters stats.The weekends third set of SHiFT codes for a Golden Key in Borderlands 2 have arrived!
How To Farm Badass Tokens By Completing Trade Challenges.

Challenge Level 2: 5 Badass Rank.This will help us complete 50 duels quickly because without shields, when you lose the duel, you will have very low health, and it will help you complete the challenge in a single melee hit.Similar to trading, completing 50 duel challenges will net you Badass Tokens that can be used to boost your characters stats.This is the Breakdown of the Challenges and resulting Badass Rank you gain upon completing them: Challenge Level 1: 1 Badass Rank.(Click on the top right hand corner after 5 secs).Some of the challenges are quite difficult and may require a second play-through.
By, staff, september 19, 2012March 3, 2013, borderlands 2 encourages you to complete all the area-specific and general challenges in the game and rewards you for your effort with the.
Its important to note that winning a duel doesnt count as a kill so you cant grind any of the kills challenges this way, and you should do this with melee attacks because otherwise you will just be wasting a lot lotto bayern freitag jackpot of ammo.