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Another word for mineral deposits

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Additional media More About Mica 7 references found in Britannica articles Assorted References Asian deposits chemical etching compressibility occurrence in loess significance in absolute dating structure and characteristics work of Mauguin.
Some particularly sensitive plastics such high-pressure phenomena: Compression many layered-structure silicates, such as mica, in which relatively strong and rigid layers containing magnesium-oxygen, aluminum-oxygen, and silicon-oxygen bonds alternate with weaker layers containing alkali cations, compressibility is lottocijfers 13 april 2018 five times greater perpendicular to the layers than within.
A natural accumulation or occurrence, especially of oil or ore: a mountain range with many rich deposits of gold.4 Various In the eye of the banker, and of the customer, and of the law, it is a deposit.Glauconite is formed in marine environments.Science definitions for deposit deposit d-pzt An accumulation or layer of solid material, either consolidated or unconsolidated, left or laid down by a natural process.The name greensand is widely applied to glauconite-rich sediments.For example, it can be produced by magmatic (molten rock) segregation, by hydrothermal solutions, and as stalactitic growth.Scientific American Supplement,.Compositions of the common rock-forming micas are given in the table.
Deposits include sediments left by water, wind, ice, gravity, volcanic activity, or other agents.

The charge is balanced by singly charged large cationsfor example, potassium in muscovitethat join the cross-linked double layers to form the complete structure.Their occurrences, listed below, include crystallization from consolidating magma s, deposition by fluids derived from or directly associated with magmatic activities, deposition by fluids circulating during both contact and regional metamorphism, and formation as the result of alteration processesperhaps even those caused by weatheringthat involve.How are scum, sludge, slush, slime, ooze, muck, mire, goo and gunk what is bank deposit different?Most of the properties of the mica group of minerals, other than those of glauconite, can be described together; here they are described as pertaining simply to micas, meaning the micas other than glauconite.For example, most muscovites contain sodium substituting for some potassium, and diverse varieties have chromium or vanadium or a combination of both replacing part of the aluminum; furthermore, the Si:Al ratio may range from the indicated 3:1 up to about 7:1.In a fairly common intermediate stage, weathered biotite is golden yellow, has a bronzy lustre, and may be mistaken by inexperienced observers as flakes of gold.Whats The Difference Between Socialism And Communism?Phlogopite, typically brown, and paragonite, which is macroscopically indistinguishable from muscovite, also are fairly common.Learn More in these related Britannica articles: sulfide mineral Sulfide mineral, any member of a group of compounds of sulfur with one or more metals.
Paragonites are colourless to white; biotites may be black, brown, red to red-brown, greenish brown, and blue-green.
This weathering produces a characteristic yellow-brown stain or coating, such as on rusty quartz.

It also is a relatively common constituent of sedimentary rocks, the precursor sediments of which were apparently deposited on the deeper parts of ancient continental shelves.
To become deposited; settle.
Verb (used without object) to be placed, inserted, precipitated, left for safekeeping, given as security or in partial payment, etc.